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The developing Youth Success Network of Ocean County applies the YE2S Center model for youth engagement and community leadership to the county landscape. A collaborative effort led by Rutgers T.E.E.M. Gateway, in close partnership with the Ocean County College Office of Continuing and Professional Education and initially funded by Ocean County PIC, Inc., the Youth Success Network of Ocean County provides work readiness training and youth success planning through a comprehensive, individualized approach to positive youth development.

We are strategically located on the Ocean County College campus, hosted by the Office of Continuing and Professional Education, and we work with a growing network of partners committed to the success of our community's young people, including Mental Health Association in New Jersey, NJ Reentry Corporation, and others.

In Ocean County, the fields of education and health services, and leisure and hospitality, are large and growing even more rapidly in New Jersey as a whole. Participants with the Youth Success Network of Ocean County will prepare for self-sufficiency and for careers in promising industries. We provide work readiness training, case management, and possible internship placement, and we can help participants to prepare for the test of high school equivalency, take classes for English language learners, enroll in courses leading to industry-recognized certification, and more.

The Youth Success Network of Ocean County was established in 2016 and is expected to continue growing. As we engage youth and young adults in meaningful educational and employment opportunities, we look forward to expanding our reach to schools, employers and stakeholders county-wide.

Find our team at Ocean County College, where we operate in close partnership with the Office of Continuing and Professional Education. Our offices and classrooms are housed in the Library building. Eligible participants, out-of-school youth between the ages of 16 and 24, and interested partners can contact us at 732-255-0400 x 2354 to learn more.


The Youth Success Network of Ocean County seeks to improve the quality of life of out-of-school and disconnected youth living in Ocean County by providing access to educational, vocational and employment opportunities.


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Alumni Isaac was 19, unsure of himself, and frustrated at the thought of years he would need to spend in school or training to become an electrician. He also lived with his grandmother and needed to support their small household. Isaac began the work readiness program in Ocean County to explore job opportunities in the industrial and residential field. after attending our hands-on workshops in job and life skills, he was soon affored a paid internship at the Ocean County College Facilities Department through our Internship Coordinator, Victor Perez. For the past 3 months, Isaac has worked side by side with the employees of the Maintenance and Facilities Department and has been able to learn new skills and techniques he needs to gain immediate earnings, and to grow in a field he enjoys 

Isaac has shown great initiative and willingness to learn on his path into a lasting career at Ocean County College Facilities Department. We can’t wait to see what else Isaac accomplishes in the near future!


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