Youth Employment and Education Success Centers

The YE2S Center Model

An experienced provider of programming for disconnected youth and an effective leader in community collaboration, Rutgers T.E.E.M. Gateway is uniquely positioned to influence New Jersey’s urban communities as the lead facilitator of the state’s Youth Education and Employment Success (YE2S) Centers.

Engaging over 7,500 participants since 2008, the cross-systems, multidisciplinary YE2S Centers provide educational programs and direct services for disconnected youth, and bring stakeholders and community partners together around our shared vision of Building Productive Futures for the Youth of New Jersey. The work of Youth Success Centers encourages community collaboration and increases the use of best practices in youth service.

The Youth Success Centers were named a Model Program for serving disconnected youth by the National Dropout Prevention Center. The impact of the YE2S Centers has been acknowledged by the White House, three times since 2010, and the White House Council for Community Solutions held the final stop on their national Youth Listening Tour at the Center in Newark as they developed their final report, Community Solutions for Opportunity Youth, released in June 2012.YES Center

The YE2S Center has become a model for providing the highest quality opportunities for lifelong learning and career development by building bridges between the needs of disconnected young people and individual and integrated delivery of counseling, training, and placement services. In Newark and in other locations across New Jersey, the YE2S Centers are dedicated to helping youth and young adults to become more caring, competent, and contributing citizens.

Through the commitment and teamwork of our instructors, staff, and community partners, we are dedicated to helping our young adults to become more caring, competent, and contributing citizens of New Jersey.



Newark YES Center TeamThe Newark YE2S Center was established in 2008 as a collaboration primarily among Newark Public Schools, the City of Newark, The Nicholson Foundation, Rutgers University, and several community-based organizations. Strategically located and organized to ensure a safe environment, the YE2S Center seeks to improve measurably the quality of life of New Jersey youth by expanding their educational, vocational, and employment opportunities. On a citywide, collaborative basis, we will deliver positive youth development programs and services that add measurable and marketable skills to our young people and increase the use of best practices among the organizations that collaborate as partners. Each of our community partners is dedicated to supporting participants through personal commitment and advocacy.

To learn more about the Newark YE2S Center, contact us today at (973) 820-4750.



The YE2S model was replicated in Trenton in 2010. Established on-site at Trenton Daylight Twilight Alternative High School, the Trenton YE2S Center was a collaboration among Rutgers University, the City of Trenton, Trenton Public Schools, The Nicholson Foundation, and community youth service providers. For two years, during the construction of a new high school in Trenton and a time of transition for the Public Schools, the Trenton YE2S Center provided assistance to re-engage disconnected youth and help young people navigate the school enrollment and transfer processes. Housed within Daylight Twilight Alternative High School, the YE2S Center also acted as a catalyst for projects to implement best practices in youth service in Trenton, including the operation of the Youth Farmstand project in summer youth employment.



Camden YES Center Team Established in 2012, the Camden YE2S Center is led by key partners including Rutgers University, the Community Planning & Advocacy Council, the City of Camden, and Camden City Public Schools. The Camden YE2S Center is located in the heart of the city’s Centerville neighborhood, at the Isabel Miller Community Center and community park. Rutgers T.E.E.M. Gateway is an experienced provider of case management and work readiness training in Camden, and of advocacy for young people during a transition back into Camden schools. We help to connect adjudicated and other disconnected youth to the educational opportunities they need, including assistance navigating school enrollment, identifying programs among our committed partners to help youth progress towards their goals, and work with the Camden City School District, individual school personnel, and district school nurses in order to ensure the best use of our position as community leaders to improve outcomes for youth.

To learn more about the Camden YE2S Center, contact us today at (856) 963-3491.


Ocean County

Newark YES Center TeamNew in 2016, the developing Youth Success Network of Ocean County applies the YE2S Center model for youth engagement and community leadership to the county landscape. A collaborative effort led by Rutgers T.E.E.M. Gateway, in close partnership with the Ocean County College Office of Continuing and Professional Education and funded by Ocean County PIC, the Youth Success Network of Ocean County began providing work readiness training, paid internships, case management, and youth success planning through a comprehensive, individualized approach to positive youth development. We are strategically located on the Ocean County College campus, hosted by the Office of Continuing & Professional Education, and we work with a growing network of partners committed to the success of our community’s young people, including Mental Health Association in New Jersey, NJ Reentry Corporation, and others. The Youth Success Network of Ocean County is engaging youth and young adults in meaningful educational and employment opportunities, and looks forward to expanding our reach to schools, employers and stakeholders county-wide as we grow.

Learn more about the Youth Success Network here.


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