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CITY MURALS - Environmental Arts Program

Butterfly Mural

City Murals is a public art program that builds neighborhood pride and trains youth for the Twenty-First Century through community collaborations.

City Murals and Youth
Mentoring: City Murals builds on cWOW’s years of experience designing and managing award-winning arts-based youth mentoring programs.
21st Century Skills: City Murals helps youth address 21st Century themes, life and career choices, learning, innovation, and media skills.
Summer Jobs: City Murals provides after-school and summer employment and training opportunities for gifted as well as disconnected teenagers.

City Murals and Community
Participation: City Murals involves community-based organizations and local meetings so that designs give voice to neighborhood concerns.
Collaboration: City Murals works with individuals and organizations that represent the diversity of constituents wherever murals are created.
Beautification: City Murals creates striking images throughout the urban environment that display hopeful energy, inspiration, diversity and vitality.

City Murals and the Future
Branding: City Murals broadcasts a positive image for residents, visitors, and commuters from prominent outdoor venues at key gateways.
Redevelopment: City Murals demonstrates how arts, entertainment and retail help drive and sustain neighborhood revitalization.
Creative Industries: City Murals is part of a comprehensive strategic plan aimed at CityMuralsdeveloping organizational and individual entrepreneurship.

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Newark Through City Murals puts art in public spaces

Onyemachi Thompson receives his certificate from Councilman Ronald C. Rice.Wall Prep


Service Areas : Community and Economic Development ,  Community Outreach ,  Children/Youth ,  Juvenile Reentry. 
Skills : Arts Education, Counseling ,  Communications ,  Community Organization , Financial Literacy,  Leadership ,  Public Speaking , Youth Development ,  General Employability Skills. 

Community Partners/Host Sites:

ARTISTS: Kevin Darmanie, Matt Gosser, Gladys Barker Grauer, Clare Herron, Eder Muñiz, Kevin Sampson, Nicole Schulman, Candice Sering, Chris Soria, Melanie Stokes, and Edwin Vazquez.


YOUTH AND ASSISTANT ARTISTS: Taijah Anderson, Kairiem Armstrong, Isamari Camacho, Jennifer Cannon, Tawan Edwards, Tia-ghna Garrett, Katrina Garzon, Dawan Harrison, Jonathan Heard, Kash Hinton, Jamillah Jones, Richard Lombardi, Cesar Melgar, Nelson Morales, Ron N., Hector Ramos, Amber Roberson, Ruby Sampson, Kadeem Scott, Dorian Strickland, Onyemachi Thompson, Rich Tue, Veronica Uhlig, Whitney Wesley, Yasmine Williams, James S. Wilson, Veronica Uhlig, and Abdiel Zambrana.

SPECIAL THANKS: Crawford Street Partners, George Ulanet Company, Jerry’s Artist Outlet, Lowenstein Sandler PC, Newark Municipal Council, New Jersey Department of Transportation, New Jersey Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, Jon Ulanet, United Community Corporation Westside Park Community Center, Verona Industrial & Building Supply Company, and YendorCityMurals Productions.

DOWNLOAD THE "MURAL MAP" and Take a Tour of Newark Today!